Stroganoff with Red Cabbage, Tuesday, February 20, 2024

History suggests that this main course dish was designed by a French Chef in the employ of a wealthy Russian family in the 1890’s. It is thought that the thin strips of meat were part of the meal design because the head of the household had bad teeth. The guy with bad teeth is long gone but this recipe is a classic.

We’re adding a German version of Red Cabbage or Rotkohl (pronounced “wrote coal”) to round out this meal. Delicious food is one example of how cultures can happily come together.

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Pizza and Salad, Friday, February 16, 2024

I love celebrating Friday with a homemade pizza. Hopefully you have saved some red sauce to start the party. If not, it goes together quickly. Maybe you even have crust, or some dough frozen just for this occasion. You can also use a frozen, store-bought crust. Check your salad fixings to be sure you have everything you need to finish the meal. If you’re making homemade crust, throw the dough together 2 hours before you wish to dine.
Chop one cooked Italian turkey sausage link or one browned plant-based sausage. (Field Roast makes an excellent Apple Sausage or Italian Sausage.) This recipe makes one 12” pizza.

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Edamame Risotto with Cilantro/Lime Pesto: Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Our meal tonight starts with rice, an ancient food of the Arabs and Spaniards. It was later adapted in the kitchens of Italy to become Arborio rice.

With Arborio rice in hand, we’ll make risotto. We’ll fold additional cultures into the meal as well. Mediterranean and North-African countries contribute to the plate with the use of a cilantro/lime pesto. The protein in the dish comes from edamame beans with roots in East Asia.

Hang out your United Nations flags and enjoy!

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