“Since we’ve been cooking more at home, we have more energy, we’re saving money, and we are having fun making our meals together.”

“I never really thought of myself as a cook before, but this has turned into my special culinary hobby.”

Why Plant Based?

The idea that our diet is directly tied to our health is not new.

–“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates, approx. 400 BCE

–“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.” French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1825

With the vast amount of information available today, our understanding of a healthy diet has deep roots.  We also know that our diet is directly tied to the health of our planet.

For over 50 years the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the CDC have cautioned, if not warned, that eating meat is not a healthy choice.

Whether it is heart disease or any number of cancers related to meat in our diets, we continue to lose over 1 million people a year due to chronic diseases linked to heavy meat consumption.

We also know that as global meat consumption increases, so does its climate impact.  Animal agriculture is the second leading contributor to greenhouse gas production, right behind the fossil fuel industry.  It’s also the leading cause of deforestation around the globe.

An increasing volume of research tells us a more plant-based approach to eating will have profound effects on both our health and the health of our planet.

–“Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth
as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Albert Einstein

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