This kale dish is based on a favorite Hot n’ Sour Soup from a Seattle restaurant.  Tonight we skip the soup part and add more vegetables…in this case, kale. This cozy, comfort-food version of stir-fry combines hot, savory, sweet and sour flavors with lots of texture.

Hint: Quick-cook some rice this morning. Simply place 1 C. brown rice and 2-1/4 C. water on the stovetop and bring to a hard boil.  Turn off burner, let the boil settle a little, cover and leave sitting on the burner for the day.  You’ll have perfect rice waiting as you start fixing dinner tonight.

If using homemade marinated grilled tofu and if needed, make Marinated Grilled Tofu (Extra Recipe Info.) during the day today.  You’ll need to thaw some frozen, ultra-firm tofu this AM.

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