If you’ve cooked ahead by roasting beets on Sunday, that’s great! If needed, cook them now.

Earthy, rich and colorful beets are the major feature in this famous root vegetable soup. This has been a staple food in Russian, Eastern Slavic and Jewish cultures for centuries. You’ll enhance the nourishment and interest with shredded carrots, red potatoes and cabbage.

Finish the meal with some cucumber salad and yummy artisan rye bread.

Grocery List: Borscht
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garlic (if needed) 

1 large yellow onion

1 sweet onion

one fourth head cabbage (if needed) 

1 cucumber   

3 large beets 

2 medium red potatoes 

2 large carrots 

Canned/Dried Foods

one 32 oz. box low sodium vegetable broth

apple cider vinegar (if needed)

 rice wine vinegar (if needed) 

ground caraway seed (if needed) 

dry dill weed (if needed) 

No Frozen Foods


Chilled Foods/Dairy 

plain, nonfat yogurt (if needed)

Additional Items

Artisan Rye Bread



Nutritional Value Borscht

Nutritional Analysis


Per Serving

Calories: 510

Protein: 17 g

Carbohydrates: 60 g

Total Fat: 23 g

(Saturated Fat:) 2 g

Dietary Fiber:13 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 550 mg

% calories from fat: 41.3 %

Serving Size:

Two C. soup with 2 T. yogurt, 2 slices rye bread, 1/2 C. cucumber salad and 1 dressed side salad.