Vegetable Calzone

Calzone is just a folded pizza with any variety of filling. This one features a garlic/sweet potato filling with mushrooms, peppers, celery and onion and a touch of basil pesto. Serve it in a pool of Marinara sauce. It’s a real flavor festival!

Make some pizza dough today 2 hours before you wish to dine. It can be a great adventure for kids too. Use 1/2 of the dough to make the crust for today’s calzone. Roll out a second crust and freeze it (or freeze the dough as a ball).

Grocery List Vegetable Calzone
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Sunday, Vegetable Calzone


1 head red or green leaf lettuce

4 oz. fresh basil

1 cucumber

1 pint cherry tomatoes

garlic (if needed)

yellow onion (if needed)

celery (if needed)

red bell pepper (if needed)

1 Portobello mushroom 

1 large sweet potato 

1 medium red potato 

4 oz. pine nuts

Canned/Dried Foods

one 15 oz. can tomato sauce

one 15 oz. can no salt chopped tomatoes

red wine to cook with (if needed)

active dry yeast

honey (if needed)

ww flour (if needed)

unbleached flour (if needed)

balsamic vinegar (if needed)

low sodium veggie broth (if needed)

pitted Kalamata olives (if needed)

Chilled Foods/Dairy

shredded Parmesan (if needed)


Nutritional Value Vegetable Calzone

Nutritional Analysis

Vegetable Calzone and Salad

Per Serving

Calories: 600

Protein: 16 g

Carbohydrates: 73 g

Total Fat: 28 g

(Saturated Fat:) 3.5 g

Dietary Fiber: 12 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 390 mg

% calories from fat: 42.5 %

Serving Size:

One-third of the calzone (homemade crust) with pest and tomato sauce (about 16 oz.) with one (4 oz.) side salad with 1-1/2 T. low-cal. Italian dressing.