Baked Salmon with Seared Cabbage and Peppers and Quinoa Pilaf


A nice piece of baked salmon is on the menu tonight. You’ll pair it with high-protein quinoa pilaf and one of my family’s favorites, seared cabbage and onions. You’ll make a nice homemade Ponzu sauce to dress the salmon before you bake it. Fine flavors! Fine dining!

Grocery List:Baked Salmon with Seared Cabbage and Onions
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Baked Salmon, Quinoa Pilaf and Seared Cabbage and Onions


garlic (if needed)

1 sweet onion 

1 bunch green onions 

one half head green cabbage 

fresh cilantro(if needed)

1 bunch curly parsley

red bell pepper(if needed)

1 piece fresh ginger

2 lemons

Canned/Dried Foods

quinoa(if needed)

low sodium vegetable broth(if needed)

low sodium soy sauce>(if needed)

Frozen Foods

frozen corn(if needed)

frozen peas (if needed)


two 5 oz. fresh salmon fillets

Chilled Foods/Dairy

None today

fresh, tomato salsa (if needed)

Nutritional Value: Baked Salmon, Seared Cabbage and Onion

Nutritional Analysis

Baked salmon Seared Cabbage and Onions and Quinoa Pilaf

Per Serving

Calories: 707

Protein: 92 g

Carbohydrates: 49 g

Total Fat: 25 g

(Saturated Fat:) 4.5 g

Dietary Fiber: 7 g

Cholesterol: 211 mg

Sodium: 366 mg

% calories from fat: 29.3 %

Serving Size:

5 oz. salmon, 5 oz. quinoa pilaf and 6 oz. seared cabbage