Chard with Mandarin Oranges

Tonight your dinner plate will feature chard. These dark leafy greens have been adopted and adapted as a food source by nearly every culture on earth.

You’ll serve it over quinoa, (pronounced “keen-wa”), an ancient grain from the Andes that is very high in protein.

This recipe also calls for Mandarin orange sections. Look for them under other aliases like Satsuma, tangerines or clementines making sure they’re the seedless variety. (You can also use canned Mandarin oranges.)

Grocery List Asian Style Chard, Mandarin Oranges and Tofu
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Asian-Style Chard with Mandarin Oranges
garlic (if needed)
yellow onion (if needed)
1 bunch chard
2 Mandarin Oranges
sliced almonds (if needed)
Canned/Dried Foods
quinoa (if needed)
sesame oil (if needed)
low sodium vegetable broth (if needed)
low sodium soy sauce (if needed)
rice wine vinegar (if needed)
Frozen Foods
None today
None today
Chilled Foods/Dairy
1 package Asian style baked tofu

Nutritional Value Chard with Mandarin Oranges, Tofu and Quinoa

Nutritional Analysis Chard, Mandarin Oranges, Tofu and Quinoa

(Per 1/2 Recipe)

Calories: 460

Protein: 21 g

Carbohydrates: 47 g

Total Fat: 17 g

(Saturated Fat:) 2 g

Dietary Fiber 10 g

Cholesterol: 0.00 mg

Sodium: 620 mg

% calories from fat 38 %

Complete meal analysis includes: 1/2 C. quinoa, 2 C. greens mixture, 1 Mandarin orange and 1 T. almond slices